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-8by8的創始人Greg Tanaka


8by8由帕洛阿爾托市議員格雷格·田中(Greg Tanaka)創立,是通過增加亞洲/ AAPI社區選民登記來向#StopAsianHate發起的運動和運動,而歷史上在選民任職人數不足,並且是美國選民投票率最低的國家之一。

2020年,我們看到反亞洲和反AAPI仇恨犯罪的空前激增150%,這一趨勢已經持續到2021年。這既是一個國家問題,也是一個地方問題-僅在灣區,就有700多個大流行期間的此類仇恨犯罪-每天超過2的比率。 我們認為,解決這一問題的途徑始於縮小亞裔美國人社區的代表制差距。亞裔美國人的投票率歷史上一直保持在50%以下,雖然亞裔美國人佔總人口的6%,但國會中只有3%是亞裔或AAPI。


photo credit: Jim Colton

Who we are

8by8 focuses on technology-driven solutionstailored to the specific needs of our Asian American communities, to bridge the political participation gap among Asian Americans.

8by8 Challenge

A social and technology solution that creates positive, community-building incentivization to register to vote, rewarding users for advocating to their friends while driving traffic to local businesses.

8by8 Network 

A community solution that fosters collaboration between our diverse Asian American activism groups, to support each other through cross-promotion and build joint initiatives.


Visit our partner 1 Thing Against Racism



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Our Core Values

Commitment to Political Participation

8by8 is committed to encouraging political participation at all levels, beginning with voter registration and political awareness. By developing technology-driven solutions we will harness the passion, creativity, and ingenuity of our community to make impactful social change. 8by8 also seeks to build community involvement through analogue efforts, such as virtual and in-person rallies, panels, and other events. To accomplish these goals, 8by8 prioritizes the building of consensus and relationships with other groups and stakeholders, pooling resources and launching joint ventures to amplify our impact.

Building the Next Gen AAPI Leaders
8by8 is dedicated to the mentorship and growth of our volunteers, as future leaders and change-makers in our AAPI communities. All volunteers will be encouraged to learn new, valuable skills in their area of choice, and work with industry mentors who will help prepare them for future success. Taking initiative is a central part of 8by8's work culture, thus a variety of micro-leadership opportunities are available to interested volunteers, as well as more significant leadership roles for any with the time and dedication to pursue them. Our goal is to prepare volunteers to pursue leadership opportunities later in life, whether that be in a political or professional capacity.

Open-Source Culture
8by8's work culture and ethic is built around transparency, accountability, and clear, measurable results. As such, materials will be made publicly available to the team whenever possible, and collaboration between teams will be strongly encouraged, both officially and unofficially. All volunteers will have clearly defined roles and obligations, and will participate in an active culture of accountability and responsibility. On a broader level, 8by8 will maintain defined, reasonable targets and goals, allowing both internal and external actors to easily measure our progress.

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