8by8 is a volunteer-run organization, with support from business, community, and tech leaders, as well as our passionate volunteer team. 


Greg Lin Tanaka - Founder

City Councilmember at the City of Palo Alto, CEO of Percolata

After attending over a dozen Stop Asian Hate rallies, Greg Tanaka founded 8by8 to provide a concrete solution to the voter registration and turnout gap in our Asian-American communities. He was also the chief organizer for our 5/2 rally in downtown Palo Alto. 



Bing Wei

CEO and Founder of The Word International, Inc.

Tyler High CP1A5037_edited.jpg

Tyler Ratcliffe

Volunteer Coordinator for the 5/2 Rally

Board Members

nancy shepherd.jpeg

Greg Lin Tanaka (President)

Palo Alto City Councilmember, Founder of 8by8

Bing Wei (Secretary)

CEO of The Word International, Inc.

Nancy Shepherd (Treasurer)

President of the League of Women Voters of Palo Alto

eric j chang profile photo.jpg

Eric J. Chang

Deputy Attorney General for the State of California

gene chuang profile photo.jpg

Gene Chuang

CTO Slackers, Board Member of Innovate Pasadena

Advisory Board

kenneth lo profile photo_edited.jpg
margaret szeto profile photo.jpg

Kenneth Lo

Margaret Szeto

Senior Product Manager, Horsley Bridge

Product Designer, Netflix

fengming wang profile photo.jpg

Fengming Wang

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Google